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通过极速赛车168官网,观众们可以在比赛结束后立即查询到最新的赛果。这些赛果包括每场比赛的获胜车辆、排名情况以及开奖记录号码等重要信息。观众们可以根据这些赛果进行分析和研究,为自己的下一次竞猜做出更加准确的预测。 Wedding Bouquets

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Home Decor & 除了赛果和开奖记录外,极速赛车168官网还提供了现场直播功能,让观众们能够实时观看比赛的进行。这种直播方式不仅增加了玩家们的参与感,还让他们能够更加身临其境地感受到比赛的紧张与刺激。 Gifts

Loose Flowers for Crafting

Looking for flowers to craft with or DIY your wedding flowers? Shop our dyed and undyed options today and get crafty with high quality sola flowers!

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How long will it be before my order ships?

Our current processing time for made to order items is about 3-4 weeks before your order ships. If you need your floral sooner, check out our Rush options.

I don't see the colors I want here. Can I create something custom?

Absolutely! Check out our color options or send us a message if you don't see what you are looking for here.

What are sola flowers?

Our delicate flowers are made from organic, eco-friendly materials, including a soft, delicate sola wood, paper (book pages, music sheets, comics, etc), and we accent using faux/silk and dried/preserved naturals. The majority of our wood flowers are made from a delicate wood (think of a thin balsa wood versus a hardwood), so they are perfect for beautiful flowers! Each flower is unique and is not perfect! Our flowers WILL CONTAIN NATURAL OCCURRING CHARACTERISTICS, such as wood grains, wood chips (similar to "bark"), cracks and varied colors. If you have any questions on materials along the way, let us know!

对于喜爱极速赛车的观众来说,极速赛车168官网不仅是一个获取赛果和开奖记录的平台,更是一个与其他观众分享乐趣、交流经验的社区。在这里,观众们可以尽情地讨论比赛策略、分享心得体会,共同感受赛车竞猜带来的乐趣与激情。 High Quality Service & Sola

Since 2015 we have been delivering high quality sola flowers to over 10k brides! We not only focus on the quality of our flowers but on our customer service and customization process. You don't have to hear it from us though - just check out our reviews!

Our Flower Fans

My husband and I met on Troy University's campus and the school is the setting for our our first date, our first kiss, and so much of our love story, so we decided to get married there too. On June 3 in a small chapel on campus we exchanged handwritten vows, then danced the night away in a local art gallery. 

When we started planning our wedding, I found Pine and Petal Weddings on Etsy and I was impressed with the creativity and uniqueness of the bouquets.  I had a lot questions and the shop was so kind, informative, and so prompt to answer. I was able to get exactly what I asked for and I got so many compliments on our bouquets and the stem-less flowers we used for centerpieces.

Madison & Ron, Est. June 03, 2017

I had been calling and looking for a florist that was in my budget for a few months before I had heard about Pine and Petal Weddings. I did not set aside much money for flowers and was starting to worry that I would not have a bouquet for my wedding. My sister had mentioned I go on Pine and Petal Weddings and check out their flowers. Plus they are hand made out of materials that I can keep forever which I loved! I was so happy when I received my flowers and saw the one for the ring bearer! My colors were various tints of purple and yellow so I had sunflowers as the main focus for my flowers and Tiffany and her gang did an amazing job with making them and getting them perfect!

Paige & Jeff, Est. March 18, 2017

We loved using Pine and Petal Weddings and our favorite part other than the flowers was the communication. Responding literally within minutes of contacting them on Etsy every step from customizing colors, deciding on bouquet types, and even getting to choose how they smell (which they still smell like lavender months later!). They came packaged perfectly and carefully and the box of course smelled of wonderful lavender as that is the smell I choose. We were married on a farm in a barn and the flowers felt apart of the rustic setting as well as my favorite part... they last forever! I will forever have my bouquet on the mantle and my bridesmaids get to keep this keepsake for life as well. It is a permanent memento of such a perfect day. I received a ton of compliments and am so happy that this is what I choose to do!